I recently told you my story of struggle and success and the many mistakes I made along the way.

If you missed the last sequence I shared, you can see chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 here.

This week, I have another story…a story that I’m living at this very moment.

As the fourth quarter of 2012 approaches, I’ve been thinking about the goals I set for myself to accomplish this year.

In December 2011, I said that 2012 was going to be my year to make it big!

My Big Plans

On a professional level, I was going to…

…start building multiple streams of passive income
…start doing deals on a national level
…start speaking at more events locally & nationwide
…get at least 100 students doing deals and reaching their dreams like I am

On a personal level, I was going to…
…travel more with Flip
…buy my mom a house
…get back in shape

I could go on and on.

At the beginning of this year I took the below picture

On this day I said to myself,

This year, the sky is the limit.

I’m NOT going to let anyone hold me back.

I’m NOT going to discard any idea because I think it’s
too BIG for me to accomplish.

I’m NOT going to worry about past failures.

I’m NOT going to let other people tell me I can’t do it.

I’m going to OPEN my mind to the biggest of possibilities.

I’m going to GROW more than ever before both personally
and professionally.

I’m going to BUILD strategic partnerships.

Success is not an option…I WILL REACH MY 2012 GOALS!

So, as a commitment to this fresh start and renewed ambition, I started planning.

I built my 12 month plan and then broke it down into weekly steps.

Then I broke it down into daily activities and every month, I’ve revisited those plans to determine where I was at, so that I could adjust the plan as needed to keep me on the right track.

As we enter the final quarter, I’m starting to see the big picture.

Some of what I see amazes me and some of it makes me want to cry.

I thought that my story might help you as you enter into your fourth quarter of 2012.

Perhaps this is a chance for us to look back on our goals together and see where we are and where we want to be in 3 short months.

Whether you’re frustrated, or energized by what you’ve done this year, if one of your goals was to

…do your first ‘subject to’ or mortgage assignment deal

…to start building passive income so you could quit your J-O-B

…to plan your 3 year retirement strategy

I encourage you to check out Ascent To Financial Freedom- Basecamp I.

National Real Estate Attorney, Mark Torok and I have partnered together to create one of the most effective coaching programs in the industry.  So effective… we actually guarantee we will get you to deals.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue my story and share my 2012 failures, struggles & frustrations.

And then I’ll end it with the good stuff…my 2012 successes & breakthroughs and how YOU have been (and will continue to be) a big part of them!

See you tomorrow!

Dani Lynn

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