Sudden Success In Real Estate

Date: April 2009
Time:  11:22am

I felt lost.

I didn’t know where to turn.

After 8 months in real estate and only 1 deal done, I was getting frantic as I watched my savings deplete.

I was looking for an answer.  I couldn’t sleep.

I scoured the internet thinking that if I looked hard enough, surely some amazing revelation would jump off the page.

Instead I became even more confused.

  • I could flip real estate
  • I could buy and hold
  • I could wholesale
  • I could buy subject to
  • and the list went on and on…


AAAAAHHHHHH!!  What was the right answer, where do I invest my depleting savings to get me out of what seemed to be my own personal quicksand pit?

I searched job postings as a plan B, because I’m so left brained and couldn’t bare the idea of not having a back up plan.

But it only made me more anxious of the thought of being defeated and back in the 9 – 5 rat race.

I didn’t want to look for another job.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur!!

I’ve been running from the rat race my entire life, it made me sick to my stomach to think that after all I’d learned and fought for, that my passion would be stifled…

NO, I couldn’t let that happen….I had dreams…

…and I wasn’t about to let those dreams die!

So, I started searching some more… and then it happened.

I found a mentor with a proven track record from whom I could learn multiple investing strategies at once.

My opportunities at this point were to either find a 9-5 job that would never pay off all my debt let alone fund my retirement or the dreams I had for me and my family…

Or jump on this opportunity to take control of my life… an opportunity that I might never see again.

It was make it or break it time.

So I took it.

Fast forward 2+ years

Date: July 2011

Time: 9:57

success-arms-raised1So there I was:  a huge success story…

Of all the investing strategies I learned, it was mortgage assignments that became my saving grace.  I was doing on average 3 – 4 deals a month making an average of $7K – $8K on every deal.

I started partnering on other projects with other real estate gurus and attorneys.

I even created a coaching program to help others follow in my footsteps and I was being recruited by top industry trainers to be their coach.

I was on the ride of my life…my road to riches and financial freedom.

I started having flashbacks to the day I was frantically trying to find a solution.  Dreaming of the day I could do what I wanted, when I wanted.

Here I was…I had multiple streams of income and some might say “I had made it”.

This was proving to be my biggest success story to date since I started my career in real estate investing.

And potentially my biggest mistake.

Wake Up Call…

latestressedburnedoutI was living in a transactional business….

In order to keep up this lifestyle I had so passionately created, I’d have to keep doing deal after deal…

I had no dependable paychecks.  Every check I had to work hard for and once that deal was done, or that product was sold, or that coaching session was finished, I had to work hard to find another deal, another student or build another product.

Frustrated that even though I had achieved so much….I said to myself….that’s not financial freedom!!!

My story is that of success, failure, love, danger, struggle and courage.

And as odd as it may sound… a story of real estate investing.

You may not be ready for this…

Some of this may downright scare you.

Some of what I have to share may open your eyes to your own potential.

Some of what I share will make you laugh and some of it will make you cry…so if you’re going to stay tuned… get ready.

No path to financial freedom is smooth sailing

I’ve met countless people with a victim mentality.

People who aren’t willing to invest in themselves or their business.

People who don’t have the “intestinal fortitude” to even sit through a 2 hour webinar that teaches them how to get out of the situation they are in.

These people want it done completely for them.

They don’t’ see the big picture, they just “want results now”.

They buy product after product and do nothing with it.

They coast their way though training and wonder why they’re not rich yet.

They have excuse after excuse to justify why they are still broke.

They refuse to STUDY as hard as Will Smith’s character (Chris Gardener) did in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, which was based on a true story!!

WAKE UP CALL #2:  Success takes work!!

But when you have CLARITY, it no longer feels like work…

…it’s more like a game

….and it’s FUN!

So, first comes MINDSET.

Next, I’ll show you how to learn from MY mistakes and failures.

Then – you’ll get clarity by seeing what’s possible, how I achieved such great success and how we’re helping others do the same thing.

Over the next few days, I’m going to show you how to never worry about money EVER again.

Chat again tomorrow…

Dani Lynn

P.S.  This 4 part series of emails is about a new project I launched with Mark Torok this year which not only has had an unprecedented 100% success rate but it taught ME the BIGGEST mistake I was making in my own real estate business.

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