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Chapter 1:  The tale of my sudden success in real estate and why I’d never do it again (Wake Up Call)

Chapter 2:  Our two year roller coaster – Airplanes, Artwork, Auctions OH MY (Mindset)

Chapter 3:  Mistakes that cost us mucho moolah (3 of 4)


/* Ever Dream of Firing Your Boss!? */
Date:  April 2006
Location:  The Caribbean

I could hardly contain myself.

Flip and I had just decided we were going to fire our boss.

That decision alone created a spark of energy that was contagious.

It was hard to concentrate on anything else.

I kept a journal with me to continually brainstorm our strategy.

It had all kinds of calculations from me doing the math of ‘how much money I was going to make.’

I knew that just closing 1 deal a month would make me more money than most people made at their J-O-B.

But what about 2 deals per month?

I knew as time went on, my business would grow.

And out of those deals, how many would refer me to other people who needed my help?

I was creating my personal blueprint of how I was going to make a minimum of 100k a year on deals alone.

I was going to pay off all of my husband’s and my debt.

I was going to buy us our first home.

I was going to finally be able to afford a new car.

… So of course I’m ALL HYPED UP, right?

Flip and I spent hours going to real estate websites looking at houses, and going to luxury car dealer websites checking out their “build my car” screen where you can design your car from the inside out.

I even dreamed of the day I would tell my boss that I QUIT and the look on his face would be PRICELESS!

I just couldn’t wait to work from home without a BOSS breathing down my neck.


That reality didn’t come about until 4 years later, but I never gave up.

I was 37 years old when I made my transition into real estate investing.

piggybankAt that point I was desperate.

I needed SOMETHING to work.

Our savings were close to gone…

I had so many doubts after struggling the past 2 years, so unsure of my path.

I had this overwhelming feeling that nearly paralyzed me.

I couldn’t sleep.

My head was constantly spinning.

Every move I made, I felt like my entire body weighed 200 lbs.

What was going on, what was this horrible feeling that shattered my ability to take action and move forward.

“I can’t afford to make the wrong decision here”, I thought to myself.

It was fear.

I was scared that I wasn’t going to succeed.

I was at a point where I had taken so many chances & tried so many things.

I was scared of investing even more money and never being able to climb out of this never-ending pile of debt.

I was scared of losing my house and trying to figure out where my family was going to live.

I was scared of the horrific embarrassment and shame I was going to feel if I failed and I had to face my family and friends.

I was suffocating.

I stopped.

I thought, “change your mindset Dani – what if I did succeed?”

Ha…that was actually a little scary too…(I found that fear interesting)

I was afraid that my road to success was going to take me so long that I was going to run out of years to really enjoy my family… my life.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t know what to do once I got that first deal.

I didn’t know this business… I didn’t know all the answers yet.

And I couldn’t wrap my head around actually believing I would really “make it” and be okay.

My head was spinning faster.

What am I supposed to do?

“Well”, I thought to myself, “all it really boils down to is a simple choice.”

If I don’t stick my neck out, I don’t have to worry about failing, being embarrassed or ashamed that I didn’t succeed.

If I don’t stick my neck out, my life will never change.  I’ll never be able to reach my dreams or do all the things I want to do and I’ll need to create a game plan to be able to support myself during retirement.



I began to reflect on why it was so important to me to succeed.

Why were my friend’s and family’s opinion of me so important?

I closed my eyes…

I let pictures of my goals rush through my mind…

I saw the house I bought my parents,

I saw the new Lexus I’ve always wanted to buy,

I saw Flip & I cheering on the 50 yard line of a Michigan State football game,

I saw it all…

I made my decision.

Taking the risk & making the investment… even with the possibility of failure was a far better choice than making an affirmative decision in my soul that I was willing to stay stuck forever.

I teamed up with a partner and together we invested $8,000 + signed a profit sharing agreement of an additional $50,000 to be coached to deals!!

/* Fast Forward to July, 2011 */

I’ve built numerous real estate companies, partnered with numerous investors, gurus & trainers.

So how did I finally get here?



Clarity = Focus

Clarity = Security

Clarity is knowing what your ideal business looks like…

Clarity is defining the quickest route that will get you were you want to be…

Clarity is doing all the right things, in the right order that will get you to your goals…


/*  I had dreams!! */

I had dreams…. lots of them…

Eyes closed, I started envisioning things like…

I wanted to be my own boss.



I wanted to go on an African Safari.

I wanted to buy a new house for Flip & I.

I wanted to buy a house for our parents and each sibling.

I wanted to buy a Lexus SC430.

I wanted a vault full of gold.

I wanted to be completely debt free.

I wanted to hire a chef.

I wanted to travel the world.

Flip wanted to own a sports team!  🙂

He wanted to be able to take care of his entire family.

He wanted to travel the US in a big RV (not like Chevy Chase in ‘Vacation’).

He wanted to be able to have more free time to give back to his community.

/* What Was Holding Me Back? */

Until that moment of clarity I struggled endlessly trying to solve the problems that were holding me back.

Suddenly… like a light bulb, I figured it out.

I was focused on the wrong things…

Things like…

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t have enough money.

I have doubts in my ability to succeed.

I realized that those things weren’t the problem…

They were the symptoms of my problem.

I was asking the wrong questions.

I should have been asking…

What’s taking so much of my time?

What am I spending all my money on?

Why do I doubt my ability to succeed?

/* The Solution */


I began to answer these questions…

What does my ideal business look like?

What’s the quickest way to get where I want to be?

What exactly do I need to do, in what order to accomplish this goal?

I learned that my biggest problem was that I wasn’t controlling my life or my time – it was controlling me.


Days, Months, Years were passing and I wasn’t moving FORWARD, I was going sideways.

Where is all this time going?

How did 2 years pass and I’m still stuck in the same place with less money and less time than when I started?


I’ve talked to so many people that remind me of myself when I started.

Unfortunately, many of them are throwing up their “HAIL MARY”.

(HAIL MARY:  Have you ever been called back by a distressed homeowner that you talked to when they were a little behind and were exploring their options…Only to have them say they’ll think about it and then they end up calling you 2 days before their foreclosure and finally say, I need your help?  That’s a hail mary with limited to no options left.)

We get 1 chance…

1 life…

And you have a CHOICE every day to move forward or sideways.

—– I Want To Help You —–

When I met Mark Torok last year, he opened my eyes to many things.

My business is no longer purely transactional and I am focusing on both income producing activities AND wealth building activities.

I have quite a few significant exit strategies with this new model that gives me and my family the financial security we need for our future.

And not to be taken lightly, I have peace of mind because Mark taught me how to do these deals LEGALLY (considering all the new laws and changes that have evolved) and even gain approval from the bank so that neither the sellers, me, nor the buyers need to concern ourselves with the big bad “due on sale” clause.




Date:  February 2012
Setting:  San Antonio, Texas – Rodeo Round Up

Mark and I decided we should partner up to create a coaching program that would help other investors create the same type of financial freedom we were creating ourselves.

After many conversations, we realized that we both have a passion for teaching, but more importantly for results and we don’t mess around (to put it plainly).

What we created is unprecedented by nature, and now by it’s success.

We’ve created a coaching program that:

Holds you accountable.  (This is not joke – Mark will get in your face if you don’t do your homework)
That has an attorney as one of the coaches!!  (How much would that cost you normally…seriously?
Guarantees results.  (Yes, that’s right.  We put our money where our mouth is and we guarantee to get you to deals.)
That has an attorney that allows you to set up appointments for him to speak to your buyers or sellers for you.
That has an attorney that will consult with you and create an entity based on your current business structure (included in the cost of the program).
That has an attorney who will review your marketing materials and websites to ensure you are being legally compliant.
That has an attorney that will teach you how to do assignment and subject to/wrap deals that get the banks approval – no fear of the big bad “due on sale” clause!!
That gives you proven and tested marketing materials that are customized with your information.
That builds you 3 custom websites that you own, even after the program, to build your credibility. (buyer, seller, investor)
That helps you build your business plan from the ground up.
That teaches you how to test and track your marketing to continually improve your bottom line.
And so much more..

Here’s the catch.

We don’t accept everyone.


Our first base camp class was a 100% success.  All 8 students got to deals, some of them made 2 – 3 times the amount that this program cost in their first closing check.

Mark and I have learned two very important things in our years of coaching experience and that’s this:

1.  Part of your success is based on how effective we are as coaches.

2.  But more importantly, your success is based on your willingness to TAKE ACTION and your drive and determination to succeed.

So we interview every applicant and make a determination of whether or not, we think you’ll be a success.

Most of that decision is based on attitude.  We don’t accept people who have a victim mentality or who make excuses.

If you feel that you fall prey to a victim mentality, to be honest, joining any program or buying any product with that type of attitude is a recipe for failure and a waste of money.   So first…start working on your mindset.

The reason we can be so selective is two-fold:

1.  We don’t need your money.  Quite frankly, we make our income off deals… we coach because we care.  And that’s why we won’t accept you if you’re not a good fit.

2.  We want to be known for both our and your success.  We want to be known for the fact that we don’t let just anyone give us money.  If you’re going to invest money with us, it means we truly BELIEVE we can help get you to where you want to be.

I shared my stories of struggle with you for one reason.

To show you that I’ve been right where you are now and I understand what you’re going through.

To show you HOW I’ve risen above it.

So that you can BELIEVE that YOU CAN TOO!!

If you’re ready to move forward (instead of sideways)…

aff banner 3.0 final

Interviews & enrollment ends next week.

Your new FUTURE awaits…

To Your Success,
Dani Lynn

P.S. Thank you for all the emails that I’ve received over the course of this email series. It means so much to see how it’s touched so many of you.

IMG_5975-2361080_335x220P.P.S.  I believe that you can rise above any situation you may be facing and if I can help in any way, I’d like to.  If you’re ready and you need a change… contact us.

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