The Rei Rockstars On The Verge of Tears

2012 has been a wild ride so far…

Between REI Deals, Internet Marketing & my personal life, I’ve certainly had my share of ups and downs.

Here’s a quick story of one of my struggles that nearly brought me to tears.

Date:  Saturday, September 8th
Place:  Crossfit Round Rock

Today was the worst…

I thought to myself that I wish I hadn’t even gotten out of bed.

I had just enrolled in crossfit 3 weeks ago in order to achieve one of my 2012 goals of getting back in shape.

What the hell was I thinking, trying to jump back into something so hard core?

These guys are crazy!!

They climb ropes, lift atlas balls, flip 400lb tires…

I don’t belong here!

But yet here I was, on the floor of my new crossfit “box” (aka gym).

Struggling to get my final “burpees” done… (You don’t even want to know what these are!)

I didn’t think I could push myself up one more time, but I tried anyway…

I dropped back down to the floor.

My hands and knees were all black from the mats.

I was sweating like I never have before in my life.

My muscles were giving out on me.

I struggled to get back up and here she comes…

Her name is Coach V!  She is so crazy that during her last competition she broke her foot but still kept running!

During the run a guy started to pass her and she just said, “Oh no you don’t!!”, and she raced even harder… on a broken foot!!

Today, she walks right up to me and says. “C’mon Dani, let’s go!”

I dropped back down but I couldn’t lift myself back up.

She kneels down beside me and says, “Spread your arms out and use different muscles.”

“Okay” I gasped.

It worked!  I pushed myself back up and managed 3 more before my muscles gave out again.

Crap, here she comes again!

“C’mon Dani, you can do it”, Coach V yelled.

I struggled… my arms where shaking

…and I was on the verge of tears.

Doesn’t she realize I’m out of shape and KILLING myself?!?!

I’m not as fit as all these other people.  I’ve only been here 3 weeks.

I just wanted to get up and leave, I felt so broken.

But I stayed.

That’s right… I stayed.

I continued to struggle through each step of that day’s “WOD” (workout of the day).

I thought to myself, Coach V is intently trying to KILL ME ….slowly!

Everyone finished before me, which is par for the course at this point.

I was embarrassed that I was so weak, so out of shape.

I finally did my final “gasser” run and stumbled over to my water bottle.

I couldn’t look anyone in the eye.

I kept my head down and headed over to our accountability board and wrote down my time.

Yep, there it was on the white board, I was last…again.

Before we started stretching, I grabbed my journal and scribbled in my time.

Then, like I do every day, I wrote down how I felt about my efforts and achievements.

I wrote “”Bad Day Overall (worst yet)””

And then I closed my book and stuffed it back in the bin and started stretching.

As I began to wallow in my misery of what I thought was a failed start to my day, I began to ponder how I would have felt had I just stayed at home.

And I knew the answer.

I would have regretted not going.

I would have probably eaten bad food all day (because for some reason, when I don’t’ work out, it’s easier to cheat!!).

And then when I woke up the next day, I would have been miserable and ashamed because I wasted an entire day not doing one measly thing that helped me reach my goal of getting back in shape.

In fact, I would have sabotaged myself in a way that caused me to move backwards instead of taking even the smallest of steps forward.

So, as I pondered these thoughts, I got up from stretching and grabbed my journal again and right beneath the words “Bad Day Overall (worst yet)” I wrote…

“But it was better than staying at home!”
(and doing nothing)

2012 has brought me joy, pain, success, disappointments and more…

But the pain and disappointments that have put me on the verge of tears, have been worth the struggle.

Because every day… despite a lost deal, bad partnerships, rude emails, lost speaking opportunities or ungrateful students…

I have persevered and have let nothing stand in my way.

Taking one day at a time, I knew at the end of 2012, whether I reached my goal or not, I’d at the very least be 365 days closer to where I was trying to get.

Tomorrow, we are left with only 102 days until the end of 2012 and I’ll be finishing my story by sharing my 2012 successes & breakthroughs and how YOU have been (and will continue to be) a big part of them!

(If you missed part 1 of my story which I sent yesterday, you can check it out here.)

See you tomorrow!

Dani Lynn

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