REI Rockstars Student Finds Success Doing Mortgage Assignments

Mortgage Assignments work and we’ve got an amazing case study to share with you!   Meet Jim Benson, a past student who found success as an investor and is now one of our REI Rockstar partners and coaches!

By the way… he recorded this video almost a year before we brought him in as a partner and coach.  This guy is the real deal and he was bringing home over 6 figures annually doing mortgage assignments with no team!!   It was just him (and maybe he had his kids chip in from time to time)!!   If Jim can do it, SO CAN YOU!!!  I hope his video inspires you!

If you’d like to learn more about mortgage assignments or wholesaling, then check out our very affordable REI Rockstars Back Stage Access Coaching Series for both new and seasoned investors!

If you prefer building passive income by buying and selling real estate for a profit with no money down using strategies like Subject-To and wrap around mortgages, we teach that in our coaching series as well!  For under $100/mth, you’ll learn Four (4) No Money Down Real Estate Investing Strategies so that you can better evaluate the deals you come across in order to make maximum profit!

reir coaching 3.0 final

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