What Makes Us Different?

Dani&Gene - Version 2

A REI Rockstar with a Real Rock Star!!


Dani Lynn has been a pivotal piece in learning the nuts & bolts of seller financing and how best to not only speak with potential clients but to set up marketing, stay legally compliant and all the stuff in-between.  While I had lots of questions and struggles, Dani was always there to encourage me along the way. 

Thank You Dani for your help & continued support on my journey.

Lynn McCloskey 

The REI Rockstars with Phill Grove at an AMPS™ Conference

The REI Rockstars with Phill Grove speaking on an expert panel at an AMPS™ Conference

Flip & Dani Lynn have been investing in real estate since 2009.  They hit the ground running doing mortgage assignments and by 2010, they were being asked to provide their marketing materials for the new AMPS program and become coaches for the students of that program!  It’s one of the biggest honors when your coach sees so much value in you that they ask you to join them to make an impact in other people’s lives.   Of course we jumped at the chance and we’ve never looked back!

Here’s just a short list of reasons why we are known as the REI Rockstars:

  • Closed Over 250 Deals Across The Nation Including Short Sales, Subject To, Assignments, Wraps, Wholesales, Rehabs, JV Deals and More…

  • Own a National Real Estate Investing Company with Over 50 Partners Across the USA

  • Featured on Real Estate Investing Expert Panels Across the United States

  • Partnered With A National Real Estate Attorney To Coach & Train Real Estate Investors How To Buy & Sell Real Estate With No Money Down While Staying Compliant with All New Federal Guidelines

  • Developed Proven & Tested Marketing Materials Nationally Used Within the AMPS™ System

  • Authors of “Home Buying Success Formula – No Banks Needed”

  • Creators of the Virtual Marketing Blueprint and Super Website Express (Online Marketing Training and Done-For-You Websites for Real Estate Investors)

  • Co-creators & Coaches for the Ascent To Financial Freedom Real Estate Investing Coaching Program Known For it’s Near 100% Success Rate Getting Our Students to DEALS!!!!

  • Worked With Over 500 Clients Since 2010 Helping Them Reach Their Goals!

The REI Rockstars at the 2nd Annual Rodeo Round with Real Estate Attorney Mark Torok

The REI Rockstars teaching and speaking at the 2nd Annual Rodeo Round Up with Real Estate Attorney Mark Torok