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Would you be interested in attending a live 2014 planning workshop with me on Monday night, December 30th from 7pm – 9pm central?

It’s free… (my Christmas gift to you)…

The catch is that you have to attend the live session and I have only 100 seats on my gotowebinar plan.  (Scroll down to register.)

I have a built a “Low to No Fail” approach to achieving my goals every year and I’ve found that a few of the things that people struggle with the most is…


In this live workshop, I want to help you with all three and we are going to build your 2014 business plan TOGETHER!

That’s right… I said it…  in 2 hours, I am going to help you have, at the very least, the building blocks of your entire 2014 plan written down and ready to implement!

This live workshop will be recorded and given to all attendees absolutely free.

This is your ONE opportunity to sit down with me personally and see how I plan my year and set myself up for success!  I’ll show you how I set goals and how I manage my time.  PLUS, I’m going to share with you some of my personal goals for next year and how I plan to achieve them so that you can copy or model it to help you build your plan.

As a bonus, if I have time, I’m going to call on people so you can tell me what your goals are and I’m going to help you build your plan LIVE on the call.

What’s your dream?  How do you plan to achieve it?

Let’s set yourself up for SUCCESS by creating a PROPER & DOABLE plan to reach your goals in 2014!!

I believe in YOU, I believe in YOUR dreams!   That’s why I’m investing 2 hours of my time to help you build your PLAN FOR SUCCESS!   We only have 100 seats available so reserve your spot NOW.

2014 Planning Workshop (LIVE EVENT) – REGISTER HERE
Monday, December 30th  7 – 9pm Central
Only 100 Seats Available

Love you SO MUCH!!

Dani Lynn

P.S.  Register HERE for my 2014 Planning Workshop.  It’s a live event and it’s FREE (my Christmas gift to you).  All attendees will also receive a recording of this event absolutely free!!

In this live 2 hour workshop, I’ll be helping you:

  • Step out of your comfort zone and embrace your dreams
  • Open your mind to your true potential
  • Learn how to live a more fulfilled life while working to achieve your dreams
  • Set your 2014 goals so you have clarity and focus as you start this new year
  • Effectively build a successful plan to reach those goals
  • Understand how to manage your time in order to stay on track
  • Avoid the deadly sins that lead to failure and keep you STUCK
  • Re-program your brain for success
  • And more…

Hurry and register NOW- we only have 100 seats available on our gotowebinar plan!


P.P.S.  Don’t forget that we are currently taking applications for our 2014 Basecamp Classes where we GUARANTEE to get you to deals!!  If you’re one of 10 students who is ready to change your life by working directly with us over a 90 day period starting in January 2014, then hurry and apply today!

Contact us about program availability.