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We offer effective coaching with a tax lien mentor who covers the strategies of tax lien investing. We explain the benefits and the pitfalls of tax lien investing so that you become informed and equipped to make business decisions that will lead to success. As experts in real estate, because of our extensive experience, we understand the best strategies in tax lien sales, investing, and the difference between tax lien certificates and deeds. We educate you in how to participate in online tax lien auctions and more. With our easy to understand and down-to-earth approach, you can become informed so that you do not make costly mistakes. You will be able to identify the best liens to invest in because you will learn how to find out if the tax lien is in your best interest and why.

We Clarify Information

A tax lien mentor can tell you the difference between a Federal Tax Lien and a Property Tax Lien. A Federal Tax Lien is the government’s legal claim against a property once the owner fails to pay a tax debt such as personal income taxes. The lien protects the government’s interest in all the property owner’s assets including real estate, real or personal property, and financial assets. The IRS assesses the property owner’s liability and sends them a bill that explains how much they owe in the form of a demand for payment. This is foundational knowledge in understanding tax lien investing.

A mentor can explain more about the fact that a Property Tax Lien is issued when a property owner fails or neglects to pay their property tax. When this happens the County Treasurer schedules to sell the property to pay for the taxes that are owed. For a Property Tax Lien, the formal recording of the tax owed on the property is recorded in the City or County Treasurers office. We inform you on properties under Property Tax Liens that are scheduled for sale on a yearly basis.

We Can Get You In Touch With Reality

A tax lien mentor gets you in touch with the reality of what an assessment means. The assessment is the formal recording of the tax owed in the official books and records at the office of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury for a Federal Tax Lien. For a Federal Tax Lien, payment needs to be received within ten days of the written notice and demand for payment. If the taxpayer does not pay the tax within the ten-day period, the tax lien arises automatically and is effective retroactively to the date of the assessment.

A mentor can explain further what an assessment by the federal government or municipal/county government means to you when investing in tax liens.

A mentor can explain how Tax Lien Certificates pay you guaranteed fixed rates between 15% and 25% on returns—even as high as 50% interest per year. It is important to understand which liens will offer the highest returns before you invest.

A mentor can get you in touch with the opportunity to invest in $7 to $10 billion worth of Tax Lien Investments that are available in the United States each year.

Community Involvement

We love the fact that Tax Lien Investing contributes to community efforts. Tax lien investing revenue is used to fund schools, hospitals, police departments, fire departments, parks, libraries, and roads. A tax lien mentor will advise you in how to become involved with improving your community should you have to desire to help others.

Tax Lien Auctions

You need to fully understand the fact that in many tax lien sales, the lien is offered to prospective investors at an auction for the public. Included in the lien are: delinquent taxes, accrued interest, and costs associated with the sale. Internet-based auctions have grown popular because it allows for bidders from all over the world to participate in tax lien sales. A mentor will assist you in understanding this process so that you may be equipped for tax lien investing

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