Dreams and excuses

Success Occurs When Your DREAMS Get Bigger Than Your Excuses

I decided to start sending out a copy of my weekly ‘family newsletter’ to everyone I know.  I typically only send this to my staff, interns, partners or students but I’m making some changes in 2014.  I want to get to know YOU and serve you better!

One of the ways I can do that is to let you see more of what goes on inside my business.  I’m counting on the fact that the more I let you get to know me and my team, the more you’ll feel comfortable letting us get to know you too.  One of the first things you’ll see is that everyone to me is FAMILY and that includes you.   So, if you haven’t gotten these before now…here’s your first family newsletter from our family to yours!

With Thanksgiving over – have you eaten your fill of Turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, strawberry pie, veggies, pecan pie, stuffing, lemon pie, banana cream pie…pies, pies and more pies and/or sweets????  Have you been experiencing lethargy from eating too much or from a sugar crash?  When that happens, all you want to do is be a couch potato and watch TV, movies or sleep!  Did you know this feeling could carry over into your professional life if you’re not watchful to stop it?

As we’re winding down to the end of 2013, this is not the time to let your real estate or investment career become lethargic.  One of the definitions of this word is: “feeling a lack of energy or a lack of interest in doing things”.  I know that sometimes we can feel ‘stuck’ and you might need some motivation to move you forward.  You need to stay on top of your game!  Take whatever steps you need to take to keep motivated and keep your business ramped up and running like a well-oiled machine!!  Remember, every step you take working toward your goal is bringing your dream closer and closer to you!

One of the best ways to get ‘unstuck’ is to begin a journal on what you’re thankful for.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I I’ve learned how important it is to constantly write down what you are grateful for.  I encourage you to start a Gratitude Journal because it helps you to realize how grateful you are for things/people you might currently take for granted.  Remember – if you want more out of life, you need to be grateful for what you have now.

As a REI Rockstar or Toroklaw Acquisitions friend or family member, you have opportunities not afforded to the masses!!  You can peruse any of our tools and resources to see which one is a perfect fit for you!!  Then jump right in and learn and grow so that you can pursue your dream!!  We want to help you reach your goals as much as we can!!  We’re here for you, so use us!!  I know it seems like I say this all the time, but, I really mean it!!

Quote for the week:

Success is all around you. It’s hidden in the opportunities you encounter every day. You can’t wait for success to find you, you have to find it. Trust your gut, follow your heart and know when to say “no”. If you believe that you can do something great, YOU WILL DO IT! Hardships will come and the secret to overcoming them is learning to embrace the struggle because deep in your heart, you know that hardships are meant to prepare the ordinary to be extraordinary!!




We love you,

The entire team at the REI Rockstars & Toroklaw Acquisitions