You Reap What You Sow……

We are half-way through January….how are your goals and resolutions doing????  If you’re like 50% of people, your determination is beginning to wane and by the end of the month, you will no longer be working toward your goals and dreams.  Don’t let that happen!!!

I believe, by the Law of Attraction, that we as a business, attract quality people into our lives – of which YOU are one of them – and I think your desire to succeed is more than just talk!  To me, that very fact is evident by you being willing to read this Newsletter!

Have you heard the phrase “You reap what you sow”?  That is a natural law that happens whether you’re mindful of it or not.  If you consistently take action, are constantly growing and learning (in your chosen field of success) then you are planting on a consistent basis.  You WILL reap the benefits – if you don’t give up!!!

I have a friend who lives amongst orchards and vineyards.  Peach, apple, pear, cherries and grapes — YUM!!  My mouth starts watering just thinking about the deliciousness of it all!!



Before a farmer can enjoy the fruit of their labors, there is a LOT of work that needs to be done.  In the fall, the fruit tree has to be fertilized to assist with growth and productivity.  They can’t use just any fertilizer.  In the area she lives, they use a lot of horse manure instead of cow manure because cow manure is too ‘hot’ as they call it, and it can burn the roots of the tree and destroy a harvest.  Likewise, you need to be wise in your chosen business endeavor and sometimes you have to wade through a bunch of crap from ‘Get Rich Quick Schemes’ that will burn your roots and destroy your harvest.

The trees need to be pruned BEFORE the sap starts flowing through the tree.  This is usually done either in the fall after the first frost or in the first part of the year before spring.  The reason for that is because if you prune too early, you can kill the very branch that bears fruit.  This is like studying and learning in a certain field like Real Estate Investing.  A good coach will make sure to ‘cut off’ erroneous information you might have learned along the way as well as inform you of any changes in the law so that you don’t cut off a fruit-bearing branch!!

Then, in Spring, the watering begins.  It’s not a flood-irrigated system where they just turn the water loose and let it flood the trees, which could damage the roots.  The farmers have done the work and put in a hose spray system that is controlled with a timer and turns on in the late evening or early morning hours.  It’s beautiful to see the spray mist just covering the trees.  So gentle, yet consistent.  A good coach will not flood you with so much information and then just let you go!  They will deliver it to you gently, yet consistently over time and have you take action on what you’ve been taught, then they’ll give you some more.

Some fruit-bearing trees, like cherries, are ready to be harvested in late Spring.  The peaches and pears are harvested in late summer.  The apples and grapes are harvested in the fall.  As you can see, fruit is enjoyed from Spring to Fall.  Another point I’d like to make is that fruit-bearing trees produce annually, so a harvest takes place year after year after year.


Because there is so much fruit in her area, people do a lot of canning. Canning allows you to enjoy the fruit in the depths of winter when it’s so cold and everything is frozen.  Likewise, a coach will teach you the different strategies for Real Estate Investing so that you can and enjoy your ‘fruit’ even when it seems like the investing climate is cold or frozen.

You can do Assignment of Mortgages or Wholesales (Cherries) and reap a pretty quick harvest – sometimes as quick as 30 days.  You can do Fix and Flips (Peaches and Pears) and reap a harvest in about 6 months.  You can do Buy and Holds or Wraps (Apples and Grapes) and keep on enjoying a harvest.  When you continuously plant (coaching, training, application – coaching training, application, etc.)  You will enjoy the fruit of you labors and have a harvest year after year after year.

If you’d like to learn more about our Coaching programs and what we have to offer, please reach out to see what we are currently offering.

Let’s create an ABUNDANT HARVEST together!!!

Quote for the week:

Along with Wealth Consciousness, Sowing and Reaping is the greatest secret of wealth ever revealed.


The entire team at the REI Rockstars & Toroklaw Acquisitions