Are you making plans for that special someone in your life? Do your plans include dinner? Roses? Diamonds? (If not – should it??? Hmm…..just food for thought….) 🙂

Most of the diamonds given as gifts are around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. As you can see from the picture above, diamonds come in a variety of carat sizes, cut, clarity and color.

I want to paraphrase the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as to how natural diamonds are created:

“Carbon-bearing materials are exposed to high pressure but at a relatively low temperature range between 1,650 and 2,370 °F. These conditions are met in two places on Earth; in the lithospheric unnamed1mantle below relatively stable continental plates (and the diamonds come to the surface in the form of an eruption, such as a volcano) and at the site of a meteorite strike.”

Isn’t it interesting that one of the most sought-after gems is created from high pressure and extreme heat? When a good grade diamond is found, it is then cut in many faceted shapes to enhance the reflective beauty when exposed to light. It is also one of the hardest substances found and can be used in industrial grade applications, such as drilling; on saw blades, etc.

I mention these things, because sometimes not only does it feel like we’re under extreme pressure in life, but we might be jumping from the proverbial frying pan, into the fire and we think “will this ever stop???”

We are all different, have different goals and are on different paths in life. Sometimes it takes a meteorite size event to make you take action. The pressures of life have pointed you to this path and you are becoming a multi-faceted diamond. Your brilliancy is revealed in the ‘cut’. The Master Diamond Cutter – or a coach – trims you in just the right place to make you shine, no matter which way you turn.

The courses offered, polish your skills and abilities so that you can ‘run with the big dogs’ (industrial grade). Knowledge is Power!!

When I talk with students about what their ‘Why’ is, the most common response is “To provide a better life (financial security) for my family.”

When you apply the knowledge of what you’ve been taught from coaches and/or training courses to your life over and over again, you WILL be successful in your chosen endeavor.

What you focus on, grows. If you want financial security, focus on it! (Make sure you keep that balance, though!!)

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Sometimes I think ‘what would it be like if I planned the Date Night and told my spouse to pack a weekend bag, and then I surprised him and we flew to Paris for the weekend’. Now, wouldn’t that be awesome??

That’s exactly how I choose to live my life. Not just dream, but dream BIG!!! And you know what? I WILL achieve it!! And you can too!!

We’re here to help you reach your dreams and goals. Use us!!!

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