Horses are magnificent animals!! They have raw power and are very intelligent.

They know how to problem solve, communicate with humans (through their actions) and intimidate us. For example, if a person is riding a horse and the rider doesn’t know what they are doing, a horse can sense that. In fact, as soon as you get on a horse it will begin to test you to see how your respond to its actions – thereby, judging your experience and fear level.

Have you ever seen someone get on a horse and the horse will mosey on over to a tree with a low hanging branch that is high enough from the ground to let the horse walk under it – but not with a rider on its back? Next thing you know, they are on the ground. Problem solved!!

The key to a truly enjoyable horse riding experience is to convert raw, wild power into a well trained horse (for our purposes, I will translate this to coaching) and an experienced rider (also translated, coaching).

Horsin_2A Horse Trainer will work with a horse almost every day. Usually they start with getting to know the horse, its fears, its stubborn areas, and then begins to build confidence and trust while exposing it to new ideas and concepts. The Trainer uses a confined space called the Round Pen, stands in the center of the pen and makes the horse run around and around until it learns to focus on the Trainer. The horse licks its lips and starts chewing repeatedly, which is called ‘Licking and Chewing’. This is one of the actions a Trainer is looking for, in addition to the horse responding to his commands. When the horse licks and chews, it is thinking about what is being taught and begins to respond to the Trainer. The Trainer rewards the horse by taking the pressure off immediately (he quits making him run around in the pen), but if the horse loses focus, the Trainer will repeat the process.

The Trainer is laying the foundation, which is called the ground work. He will do the ground work for a while before he introduces the saddle to the horse. The Trainer will then work with the horse for a while with the saddle on it before he steps on the horses back. When the Trainer is able to sit in the saddle and the horse can follow basic commands, the horse is labeled ‘Green Broke’. The horse still requires a lot of training and riding before ‘just anyone’ can ride it.

Similarly, if you have never obtained coaching, you have raw, beautiful power that when properly trained, will produce phenomenal results!!! Don’t you think it’s time to quit “horsin’ around” and join in the game? We want you to reach for the ‘Winner’s Circle’…..and we want to help you get there!! 🙂

Our coaching programs will lay the ground work for you to learn the basics. We will work with you every step of the way. Then as you progress in knowledge, we have more advanced coaching programs to take your success to the next level. And then to the next level, and so on. We strive to build trust and rapport with our students and we are here for you!! Our goal is to develop well trained, confident real estate investors and we believe that’s what our programs offer.

Give us a call if you’re ready to make a real change in your life. We can’t do it all for you but if you’re committed to your success, we’re committed to holding your hand until you get there!! Just let one of our team members know you’re interested in coaching and they will set an appt. for you to talk with Flip or I.


We believe our coaching programs will lead to Happy Trails for you…. 🙂

Quote for the week:
Don’t be so afraid of falling that you don’t let yourself succeed. This isn’t about being right. It’s about evolving. ~Judy B.


Until we meet again……
The entire team at the REI Rockstars & Toroklaw Acquisitions