We know, we know….

It’s Been Awhile…


We know it’s been awhile since we’ve written any posts and you’re about to find out WHY!  😉

Last year we stopped doing as much blog updating, email communications and coaching and focused purely on doing VOLUME deals.  In order to do volume, we had to focus on efficiency.  As a result of that focus…

We discovered a better, cheaper and more efficient way of getting leads that we’re ready to share with you.

Are you tired of direct mail marketing, driving for dollars, bandit signs or skip tracing and still not feeling like you’re getting enough motivated seller leads?

How about endless seller interviews with sellers who have a $100K house and they think it’s worth a million dollars?  Or what about sellers who breach your contract because they got an extra thousand dollars out of another investor the day before closing?

Wouldn’t you rather skip the drama, extra work, lost marketing dollars and focus on making money?

How would you like a FREE weekly list of pre-sorted motivated seller leads, deep discount lists and last chance deals delivered straight to your inbox every week?

How about the ability to pull a deal off the list that you’re in love with before anyone else can get a chance at it?  Or inside feedback to find hot spots in your county for the best deals?

In the world of real estate… 1 of the top 3 problems for investors is finding enough motivated seller leads.

Flip I have been investing in real estate all across the country since 2008.  We’ve knocked on thousands of doors, blanketed entire neighborhoods with flyers and posted hundreds of bandit signs.  We’ve mailed hundreds of thousands of yellow letters, probate cards and postcards.  We’ve researched lists until our eyes practically pop out just to determine which one would bring us the most leads.  Don’t forget the thousands of miles we did driving for dollars and then skip tracing and so much more.

In this last year, we have developed relationships that allowed us access to a better, cheaper and more efficient way of getting leads and buying deals and for the first time, we’re sharing it with you.

While we were structuring exactly how we could share this gem with you, we wanted to make sure all the hard work was already taken care of FOR you…

…so all you had to do was focus on actually making money.

No more guesswork.  Everything you need to start buying more deals with none of the headaches or hassles of marketing is waiting for you.

Would you like access to a team who will find deals in your area, deliver a FREE list of motivated seller leads directly to your inbox, negotiate the deals on your behalf AND act as your transaction coordinator all the way to closing?

This is the exact process we have personally been using to buy our deals for over a year now and it was our #1 most lucrative deal source for 2016 and we anticipate even bigger growth going into 2017.  This same lead source can be yours!

Apply for free here >>

Our team will do all the following FOR YOU…

  1. Find your deals
  2. Identify the motivated sellers
  3. Negotiate your deals
  4. Assist you in closing your deals


IMPORTANT:  This is NOT for brand new investors.  We will only be working with experienced investors who have done more than 3 deals and only the investors that are confident in their abilities to perform up front due diligence on a property which may only be a “Drive By” due to occupancy status.

Apply for free here to ensure you grab 1 of the 3 spots per county and get access to a FREE weekly list of thousands of MOTIVATED seller leads nationwide so that you can start buying more deals next week.

We are looking forward to working with the select few who are ready to do more deals!!