3 Lessons from Nelson Mandela

There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of.”

–Nelson Mandela

An inspirational quote from a great man who passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was a man who CREATED and LEFT a great legacy. As I look at this quote, it is a one liner, but very impactful……and thought provoking!!!

Lesson #1 What is Your Passion?

If you could do ANYTHING in the world, make HUGE amounts of money, and be totally fulfilled because you are doing something you LOVE – what would that be?  What would your life look like?

If you’re not doing something you’re passionate about now, when will you begin?

A victim’s mindset says,” Well, I can’t do what I’m really passionate about because I need to make money for my family”.

A successful mindset says: “How can I incorporate into my life what I’m passionate about, even if it’s a little at a time?”

For example, if you’re passionate about being successful in real estate, what can you do now to work towards your passion?  Do you need more knowledge? Do you need coaching? If you have the knowledge and you have a coach, do you simply need to take action?

COMMIT to doing what you need to do to begin gaining momentum.  A small step might be to commit to making one call a week.  If you’re working full time, slowly incorporate the calling into your schedule so that eventually, you’ll be making so many calls and closing so many deals that your income from your passion exceeds the income from your full time job.

Just take the first step…..

Lesson #2 Another Lesson We Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

Another lesson we can learn from Nelson Mandela is in the area of forgiveness.  Un-forgiveness doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself.


Nelson Mandela forgave the person who wrongly accused him, that caused him to be in prison for 27 years.

You must forgive those who wronged you, caused you pain, told you that you wouldn’t succeed…..even if that person you need to forgive is yourself, you need to do it!

You cannot move forward unless you forgive yourself of perceived past failures and commit yourself to a future of success.

I believe in YOU, I know you can do it!!  Your responsibility is to join with me in that belief in who you are and who you can become… and then, your opportunities are endless!!!

Lesson #3 Don’t Play Small. Dream Big!!!

Don’t settle for a life that is less than what you are capable of!!!  Find the inspiration of a ‘Nelson Mandela’ inside of you and move past fears, obstacles and/or failures.  Turn your failures into stepping stones towards great success!!!  Leave a great legacy for your family!!

You’re already taken the first step by aligning yourself with people like us.  We are big thinkers and we ACT on our plans and take the steps needed to “fail forward fast” so that we can learn and adapt quickly in order to achieve GREAT things!!

The reason you’re reading this message is because we aren’t just in this for ourselves, we are here to help you, to support you and to encourage you.  We want you to use us!!!  Use what we’ve given you in your membership areas and on our website for guidance and inspiration that can send you on the path to a great legacy!!!!

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The entire team at the REI Rockstars & Toroklaw Acquisitions


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