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Who Knows You?  One of the most important things I’ve learned in business is understanding that...

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Pivotal Piece in Learning the Nuts & Bolts of Seller Financing

Dani Lynn has been a pivotal piece in learning the nuts & bolts of seller financing and how best to not only speak with potential clients but to set up marketing, stay legally compliant and all the stuff in-between.  While I had lots of questions and struggles, Dani was always there to encourage me along the way.

Thank You Dani for your help & continued support on my journey.

Lynn McCloskey

The Videos They Record Have Been Invaluable

It has been my good fortune to become acquainted with Dani Lynn and her team. Due to their open, gracious and receiving nature, I feel as if I know them personally. I have been on their webinars and have come away encouraged and with more knowledge about the AMPS program. The videos they recorded on role-playing, regarding AMPS, have been invaluable! In fact, I’m going to watch them again as a refresher course!

Kathy Valdez

They Really Love to Help and Want Others to Succeed

I wanted to share some feedback with you regarding Dani and her team. I have been extremely impressed with all aspects of my relationship with them. Since I purchased AMPS, they did everything they said they would and more. They answered my questions along with answering everyone’s questions on webinars. I would like to add that I actually enjoy listening and participating in the webinars. They are the real deal! You can tell they love what they do and they are great at their job. They really love to help and want others to succeed. They know how to explain a simple or complicated situation in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend them and you can contact me directly and I would gladly tell you the same. Thank you.

Howard G.

Offer Ongoing Support

Dani Lynn and her Team have been super helpful in every way possible. Have helped me several times in getting started with the AMPS Program. Nice people to be associated with and offer ongoing support, especially responses to my questions and asking for info pieces I needed.

John Dunn, CT.

Your Coaching Style Shows Your Passion to Help Others

It was very fulfilling to be coached and pushed by you. It really helped me identify and push past my fears. My greatest experience with the program was when I did the role playing with the team. It was the most fulfilling process which gave me the opportunity to challenge myself openly which I had never done before. It was an eye opener which changed my mindset. Fear is truly just “False evidence appearing real”. I really enjoyed your coaching and your coaching style which shows your passion to help others made the difference. Thank you!

Darrell, Simplex Investors

How to Quickly Succeed In the World of Real Estate

I have been involved with the REI Rock Stars for over a year now, and I have learned a wealth of knowledge about real estate investing. Dani and Flip’s teaching techniques get right to the point and shows you how to quickly succeed in the world of real estate. They have successfully created a training system that reveals the secrets of getting real estate deals, and how to convert those deals into money making sales. From marketing to dealing with buyers and sellers, the REI Rock Stars coaching system tells it all on how to build a successful real estate investing business. Compared to other coaching systems, the REI Rock Stars system gives you the best choices for training and, for the money, is the best deal for real estate investor training. Thanks to Dani and Flip for putting together a fantastic training and coaching system.

Steve Zarry, Austin TX

Avoided Costly Eviction, Turnover and Vacancy Expenses

I have been working with Dani for a few months after I accepted their offer to take over management on a property that had been severely neglected by the previous management company.   The situation was a mess with excessive grass fines from the city, 4 months unpaid by the tenant as well as utilities not transferred and being charged to me.  As soon as the property was transferred to Dani, they got straight to work on finding out what happened and why.

After hours of calls, emails and research, they were able to put together a full timeline and accounting of what happened and immediately held the past property managers and tenant responsible with immediate and massive action.  As a result, they were able to avoid a costly eviction, turnover and vacancy expenses by getting all past rents collected, initial eviction fees reimbursed, section 8 payments reinstated and utilities caught up!  We are still working on the grass fines and getting one final utility issue worked out but they are working diligently to get that rectified soon as well!

Thank you Dani for your great communication and constant updates and taking on a HUGE mess and working hard on my behalf to get this property back to a profitable investment for me!

Larry F. Stockbridge, MI

Small List of “Go-To” People for Turnkey Rentals

I’ve known this dynamic duo for years and have personally done business with them. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to align their investment portfolios with Dani and Flip’s offerings.  In fact, they are on my very small list of “go-to” people when anyone asks me about investing in turnkey rentals.

As a blogger, event organizer, and leader of several Facebook Real Estate Groups, I’ve seen all kinds, and heard some of the most horrific stories from many victimized by trusting the wrong people.  Dani and Flip know that to be in this business for as long as they have, they know that finding the right solution for the right investor is critical for everyone to succeed in real estate investing.

Always do your own due diligence.  I’m sure you will find like I have, that Dani and Flip are the real deal.

Jean N.

Just closed on my 3rd investment property

I just closed on my 3rd investment property with Flip & Dani Lynn. I’ve truly enjoyed their ease of access and their availability via phone or email anytime I need them.  They genuinely want to help an investor like me, find exactly the desired type of location & properties I was looking for.  My experience with another company was a ‘used-car-lot’ attitude, not caring to listen to what I was looking for, with their continual daily pressure to buy in poor locations of a ‘war-zone’ city.  It’s great to work with a team who has a passion and heart for their investors, while providing great attention to details!

Belinda C. Hayden, ID