We are looking to add 3 additional private money partners to join our team. 
We are not offering funding to other investors, we are seeking funding for our own in house deals.  For investors, we are happy to wholesale properties to you in your market region so send us your full parameters if interested.
**We Protect Your Privacy - We Never Share Your Information!
As a premier partner with numerous banks, REO asset management companies, and government entities, we have hundreds of deals under our belt.

Unlike the insanity of the recent stock market swings, our investors enjoy safe high yields with all funds secured by high equity real estate.

You, as the investor, have all funds SECURED by a FIRST LIEN POSITION on every property
Below are a few deals we have recently completed.  More details will be provided for serious investors.
  •  Schaumburg (Chicago) IL $40K profit in under 1 week with NO rehab (wholesale deal).
  •  West Chester, OH Purchase Price $115K.  Rehab $42K.  Sold $239K with multiple offers in under 3 days!
  •  Arcadia, OK $38K profit in under 1 week with NO rehab (wholesale to a retail buyer who will rehab themselves).
  •  Toledo, OH $25K Purchase Price.  $35K Rehab.  Sold $115K!
And many many more!
We offer secured interest rates of 6-10% APR based on investment size and investment longevity.  For our repeat investors, we offer minimum return guarantees.  We want investors who are dedicated to our mutual long term success, and we reward them handsomely for doing so!

Reach out to us today if you're interested as we'll only be accepting 3 investors in order to provide the best returns and customer service available.  While our main office is in Ohio, we have partner offices in TX and AZ.
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